Reading Group Guide

READING GROUP GUIDE: Book I of The Lordlings of Worship and their Catastrophic Mindrides

  1. Discuss the Prologue. What influences have ancient concepts regarding the close connection between the institutions of organized religion and the throne had in shaping the history of mankind?
  2. What motivates Professor Keiter to dedicate his life to searching for The Creation Code?
  3. What does Professor Keiter see in Brix Brighton that compels Keiter to share secret information with his student?
  4. In what way does Professor Keiter’s plea to Brix Brighton for the latter to “find his mind” coincide with Brighton’s intense interest in knowing the truth?
  5. Do you think Keiter is drawing any relationship between the Bible and causes for World War I and World War II?
  6. Discuss Brighton’s fervent hope immediately before he goes to war that he will never have to kill anyone.
  7. What is your perception of the characters of Brix Brighton, his son Brix Brighton II and his grandson Brix Brighton III?
  8. In what ways are the personalities and backgrounds of Emily and Ann different and what do their personalities intimate about Brix Brighton III?
  9. Brix Brighton and Alan Taveler are bound by having had dissimilar, but equally explosive life-altering experiences and by an understanding of why our world has not been blessed. In what ways are they similar and how are their characters very different?
  10. What influences might have motivated Alan Taveler to be a moderate libertarian?
  11. In what ways has reading the Bible influenced Brix Brighton and Alan Taveler?
  12. Do you think that Americans are often surprised by the perspectives held by men in power in other parts of the globe?
  13. Are privacy and individual control of personal information dead in America and around the globe, fallen prey to the government and the spying capabilities of institutions and networks?
  14. Taveler is stunned by what is intimated to him during his interview process. How and why did the society founded by Brix Brighton choose Taveler and in what ways is he changed by meeting the Completionists?
  15. Do you believe that the special information that Taveler has uncovered is partly by accident, wholly by accident or through a connection that he has with the Creation Code?
  16. Discuss a prominent theme of the book that proponents of religious conflict, both overt and covert, have been the prime drivers of tyranny and cataclysms that have befallen mankind.
  17.  Do you agree or disagree that history loses a good deal of its value absent the ethical guidelines of the Bible?
  18.  What does the fact that the alphabet itself is a code have to do with the plot of the novel?
  19.  On the surface, the Hebrew alphabet does not seem to relate to Western alphabets like English. How has this book shaped your understanding of the how the two alphabets correspond letter by letter?
  20.  How will analyzing the Bible in different languages necessarily shape radically different bible codes?
  21.  Does grasping that the letters of the alphabet, fingers, numerals, the vocal map, speech sounds, syllables, words, thoughts, and biblical writing are all related to the Creation Code which is the foundation for computer code, affect your personal assessment of the universe?
  22. In what ways have deliberate and uninformed misinterpretations of the Hebrew Bible brought about divisive religious doctrines?
  23. Historically, powerful state religions have supported divine-right rulers. In what fundamentally different manner would the narrative of mankind have developed if throughout history biblical revelation of the faults and sins of ruler were laid bare for citizens to observe, judge and act upon?
  24.  What do you think is the significance of the theme of the novel that the LORD judges not only individuals, societies and nations, but also all religions?
  25. To what extent do you believe that the goal of triumphalist universal religions is to own and direct the minds of all believers for the benefit of ruling elites?
  26. Have you ever thought that belonging to a sacred religion that blankets the world with billions of followers makes that religion too large to fail?
  27. How significant is the narrative in the Hebrew Bible as a prophetic antecedent to the macro forces that are shaping your future?
  28.  In discovering the existence of the Creation Code and uncovering that a sliver of it has been in the service of evil men, is Taveler merely an explorer or scout who has stumbled upon world-changing knowledge, or was he meant to come upon the scene in our times when the world is ever more susceptible to complete destruction?
  29. In what ways has Taveler’s research illuminated Brix Brighton to make him believe that in Taveler, he has found his mind?
  30. In Brix Brighton’s mind, a state-sponsored religion is a cover for exempting rulers fused with imperial world religions from responsibility for their actions. Do you feel the same way?
  31. Have societal morals to which regular subjects and citizens are held and for which enforcement has been implemented with earthly and eternal punishments also been applied equally to the behavior of civil and religious elites?
  32. What is compelling to you to have happen and to learn about in the second and third books of the Lordlings trilogy?