About the Book

The Lordlings of Worship and their Catastrophic Mindrides is the first book of an epic trilogy by Cameron Leigh that spans four thousand years to tell the story of Brix Brighton and Alan Taveler.

Texan Brix Brighton, a combat veteran of World War II and the Israeli War of Independence has spent a lifetime studying the ancient quest for control lurking underneath the surface of the most powerful global religions. Linking cataclysmic conflicts with their divine causes, he discovers that no men have ever been as dangerous or unrepentant as the clerics of dominant world religions with their compulsions to control the world and direct the will of all mankind.

Along with his son and grandson, Brix Brighton recruits a group of patriots including spiritual leaders of different religions, a beautiful Silicon Valley investment banker and world class computer hackers for the struggle he knows is rapidly approaching to keep the United States and Israel free from the evil designs of powerful global organizations determined to see the nations destroyed.

Brighton teams up with Alan Taveler, who has returned from captivity as a hostage in Pakistan with a hunger for the Bible. During his life changing experience, Taveler turned to the Bible and came to understand that he was endowed with a gift—he was genetically programmed to disturb the past to give Christian pastor Brix Brighton a chance to save the future. Taveler possesses a unique predesignated comprehension of the Bible’s foreboding of the narrative of human history that allows him to uncover concealed knowledge that the alphabet is a symbolic code-key to the Creation Code.

Brighton and Taveler press ahead in great danger even after they learn that they are under electronic surveillance by an ancient faceless and unpredictable organization that has possessed a portion of the Creation Code for over two thousand years, allowing its ruthless rule to extend to the present day. Determined to use cyber spying to create a worldwide confessor state, now in the digital age, the ancient syndicate finally has the technology to prevail.

The tide has turned back in favor of ambitious men who want to expel the Creator from the universe or bend Him to their will. The Bible warns all who care to read it that life is a thriller and we are all in it. Men were meant to observe. But man has not observed and has made little effort to understand the forces that have perpetrated the greatest cover-up in the history of mankind to keep the world in perpetual turmoil. The final global battle has already begun.

This original, gripping and well-researched historical suspense novel actually reveals to readers a fragment of the secret code-key that unlocks the mysteries of the Creation Code.