The Bible cautions that life is a thriller and that you are in it.

All people are the products of Creation, put here to participate and observe. But they have not observed.

No men have been as dangerous or unrepentant as the clerics of the dominant world religions with their compulsions to control the world.

There is a key to The Creation Code. The Bible reveals that it was stolen and handed down to persons with dark evil in their hearts who appropriated it for themselves. As a result, mankind’s future is anything but secure.

The code-key to The Creation Code remained concealed until Alan Taveler’s mind, pre-programmed by his lineage, discerned it. He has teamed up with Texan Brix Brighton to save humanity from the coming confessor state.

The actual key to the real Bible Code is now revealed to every reader in this controversial book by Cameron Leigh.

  • Genre: Fiction/Historical
  • Hardcover
  • Pages: 590
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-938690-32-7
  • Publisher: Two Harbors Press
  • Wholesale orders:
  • Distributors: Ingram, Baker & Taylor
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